OneShower was founded in December of 2001 and has continued to advance in both knowledge and technique in seamless shower enclosures. Our goal is to provide a solution to everyday shower problems and hazards. We are not only in the business of lowering your maintenance costs but also providing a healthy worker and user environment while being a friend to the environment. 

Burntside UMD 2


Our process is based on solving the problem of public showers that require frequent maintenance and dangerous cleaning chemicals with real costs to consider. 

The backbone of the advanced resin system is the polyurea elastomer that we generously apply. Polyurea dries rapidly and can therefore be cast into a very thick film whereby it will begin to exhibit independent ductile properties and withstand tremendous physical impact.

Casting in alternate colors and using a gauged fabric creates the result of mass and using multiple steps achieves ideal textures. The hydrophobic wall surface is smooth and wavy. The floor membrane is tipped with a processed aggregate that improves the long term performance of the floor finish and slip resistance.


Our process uses a solvent free elastomer guaranteed not to leak and we make it ready to be finish painted. We tool the base resin into the prepared subtrate and terminations to promote adhesion, edge retention and compress the material into a continuous membrane.


Our membrane is a perfect substrate to receive many finishes such as an aggregate topping incorported onto the floor, 2k waterborne polyurethane coatings and polyaspartic coatings over a non reactive aggregate.


The membrane has a terminated perimeter to maximize the life cycle and preserve the customer’s investment. We make a difference where it counts by restoring public showers with a protective coating system that lasts for a long time without requiring frequent maintenance. Our solution is seamless and requires less hazardous chemicals. We strive to develop a process to install shower liners that will last longer and clean easier and provide a healthier indoor environment.


The Hygienic Purpose of a Shower

  • Improved blood circulation decreases inflammation and eases muscle ache
  • Morning showers help produce white blood cells and improve immunity
  • Cold showers in the morning decreases stress with increased oxygen
  • Hot showers will relieve congestion
  • Cold showers increase male fertility
  • Warm showers are good warm up before morning workouts
  • Cold water rinse can be good for hair