Doing business with Eco Chic Coatings (ECC)


ECC is a business who loves its customers that have provided them the opportunity to move new technology into an interesting field of application over the past 9 years. As a result of the journey ECC has developed into a business that uniquely performs new and valuable craft skills with specialty equipment that are used to create the OneShower, Public Shower Solution.

ECC does shower restoration work for education, detention, health care and recreational market segments in Wisconsin, the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Eastern Minnesota. ECC is headquartered in Bessemer Michigan and enjoys repeat customers and referrals.

ECC enjoys sole vendor relationships and can provide evidentiary data to support its claims of offering unique work for the development of other such opportunities. In working directly with facility managers ECC can best service customer’s needs for maintaining problem free showers.

ECC staff is courteous, professional and well trained. ECC instills a passion for work in restoring public showers and does so by maintaining a focus on this niche while forgoing the pursuit of other polyurea market applications. ECC employees are commonly referred to as the “shower guys” and that helps to maintain that passion for public service and with proper compensation for a difficult job, ECC is selective about growing its staff.

ECC maintains a documentation commitment to its work and continuously builds upon its operational working instructions for installations and repairs. Using an ISO documentation process ECC facilitates the organic growth of additional information to insure the most advanced knowledge is available.

The owner of ECC has been a part of the paint and coatings business his entire life and this shower niche became a matter of interest to him in 2004 and in 2009 it became a real commitment to maximize the value of this new technology for the benefit of those places suffering from shower maintenance depression.

ECC is insured to the highest levels for a company its size and meets the requirements of state government contracts.

ECC requires a scheduling deposit on all work as negotiated up to 10 percent, a partial payment up to 40 percent when the project commences, and the balance of the project value is due upon completion of the project or within 30 days.

ECC comfortably offers material and labor warranties on their work up to 10 years with the advantage of having installed them for the past 9. ECC has the experience of having lined hundreds of single user showers.