Safety Planning


Eco Chic Coatings, LLC (ECC) realizes how important safety planning is. ECC has responsibilities to act safely and communicate safety to its employees, visitors and customers.


Hazardous Communication is the duty to inform all project participants and visitors of ongoing project hazards and especially so chemical hazards. This communication should include all relevant Material Data Safety Sheets being submitted to project participants and a copy to be made available on project site.


Personal Protective Equipment is very important for everyone working in or visiting the site. ECC performs fits tests and has a written respiratory protection safety program for its employees.


  • Active work areas will be clearly marked and restricted.
  • Hazards for airborne contaminants will be controlled by negative air containment with HEPA and/or charcoal filtered exhaust air.
  • All workers in containment will wear coveralls, gloves, knee pads, hearing protection and head socks.
  • All workers just outside containment will wear a filtered ½ mask respirator
  • We use low pressure air pumps to transfer air for clear breathing from an area distant from the site. The process reduces fatigue and maximizes safety for workers in the containment.
  • Any worker using a filtered respirator will use HEPA filters for Surface Preparation Phase and organic filters for any Coating Phase. During spray phase the organic filters must have a pre filter.

Equipment Operation goes beyond proper operation of spray equipment and we have to constantly be on the lookout for items in need of repair or replacement. Proper start-up, shutdown and storage of equipment are critical to the work product.


Maintaining all tools and equipment, keeping onsite reserve equipment, extra parts and all relevant operating manuals, is supported by our shop trailer that provides an area for storage and space to work on equipment should problems on the site occur?

Continuous housekeeping is met in tooling for a repetitive project. Though each project is unique within the building there are repetitive designs. Our repetitive use of tools and resins gets us focused to do something we think of as important.