OneShower Testimonials


Custodians love our work, as cleaning showers is a most undesirable task. They prefer to spend less time in these restrictive areas with threatening chemicals and enjoy the greater confidence of maintaining a seamless surface.


Facility maintenance is amazed at the improvements we make in difficult situations.


I think you are the global expert on an interesting application area.  You should keep doing things to get your name out there and be recognized as the expert.  You could also write an article for one of the trade publications.  Again, it gets your name out there and stimulates interest in the application.

- Dave Kvinge, Applied Fluid Technologies Division - Graco Inc.


There are two things that stand out between what we had done last year with the traditional epoxy/fiberglass system and the polyurea system that Eco Chic Coatings installed.
The first comment has nothing to do with the product but with the installation methods. The overall process from the negative air flow containment, the preparation of the walls and floor, the low to no odor of the application materials and the cleanup – was vastly superior compared the work we had done last year by a different firm for a similar project. In fact the preparation of the walls and floor – appeared to be ‘new construction’ once they were ready for your polyurea system. There was not one speck of old paint or old sealing materials to be found. That alone was impressive to me.
Last year we had some showers relined with a traditional epoxy/fiberglass system. Although the system is working, and met the requested specifications, it has a much thinner thickness, you can see the fiberglass in the resin, there was considerable color bleed over between the wall color and the floor color and it is a rigid inflexible system. At the end of that project, I had wished it had turned out better but is was functional.
The polyurea system is very thick in comparison, seems to be more flexible and impact resistant. It is so thick that by looking at it you could not tell that it is adhered to a block wall, where as with the epoxy system you can see the contours of the block joints. The polyurea system appears to allow water to roll off better. Overall, makes me question the longevity of the traditional solution vs. the polyurea system. At the end of this project, I am completely satisfied.
If I had to do all of this over again, it would have been worth the effort to do a test installation and single source to Eco Chic Coatings. Ah, the joys of 20-20 hindsight.
Thanks for the what you have done for us, I hope to have another project for you in the future.

- Gary Faught, Maintenance Supervisor, Burnett County Government Center


Tell anyone who wants to know how good OneShower is to come and see us or talk with us. We love our showers. Cleaning is going so well and they look brand new. They are awesome.  Don't back down. You have a good product. Keep pushing and be aggressive!!!

- Sgt Joan Koval, Trempealeau County Jail


“Your product is easy to clean and significantly reduces the hazards of cleaning showers”

- Lori, UMD


“Tom the showers you guys have done are easy to keep clean. We use to clean mold, soap scum and now that does not happen anymore. It frees up time to clean other things and it is less labor intense. Thanks from all the janitors at UMD.”

 - Daniel Seguin


“You must have saved the county thousands of dollars”

- Bryan Price, Dickinson County Jail Adminstrator


"Tom Seabloom of Eco Chic Coatings LLC, has been doing shower wall and floor restoration for the University of MN Duluth beginning with trial applications in 2005-2006. Tom has restored showers in 72 bathrooms that had tile shower enclosures. 

Tom became committed to adopting new waterproofing technology for creating the most ideal shower enclosure outcomes. Beginning in 2010 we became more interested in the result’s of Tom’s previously installed work and began addressing more showers needing repair. It was a learning opportunity for Tom to further develop his methods.

Since that summer we have made significant investments to the conversion of all our tile showers to this new system. The custodial staff expressed the ease of cleaning and there has been no mold or soap scum buildup. The staff has been pleased with Tom’s work while under construction and grateful to spend significantly less time cleaning in bathroom areas with less chemicals.

We have tried several other shower restoration products and contractor services. and they have failed. Tom has stood by his work and has been creative and thoughtful. He has done a good job and overtime developed a quality process."

- Jay Halling, UMD Housing Administration


"We are all very pleased by the end product that we now have, from the very first visit until the time that the project was completed, we were impressed with the detailed explanation of the product and the way the project would be handled, it all went just as planned, Eco Chic Coatings, LLC staff were very cooperative in moving the inmates and getting the shower stalls back in use as planned. The whole project went very well with little disruption to the facility and the Jail staff. Thank you for a job well done."

- Keith Laatsch, Price County Wiscsonsin, Buildings and Grounds Supervisor


"Tom, the world needs more people like you. People, willing to solve problems through the process of: THINKING, learning, anaylizing, sharing, consulting, and then acting."

- Mike Saari


"I am impressed with your work and brainstorming on new polyurea concepts."
- Greg Larson, Industrial Coatings Representative, Sherwin Williams Company


"Thank you, Tom.

The first pod looks great! I commend you and your staff. You and your crew are “good people”, a pleasure to work with. Please pass along to Mike and Ben that their skills and workmanship is appreciated."

- Captain Paul Brinkman, Corrections Administrator, Sheboygan County Sheriff's Office