Tom's Story...


Tom grew up in St. Paul, MN and was the youngest of four children Tom is a graduate of St. Paul Cretin High School and received a Business Education at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Tom began his experience in painting during high school and it continued into college.

Following college Tom was given his first opportunity to sell industrial coating systems for concrete floors and he enjoyed the challenging learning opportunity. Though the opportunity did not workout it did provide Tom the foundation he needed for his next opportunity of selling professional coatings for an independent distributor in Duluth, MN and Tom’s career grew.

Sales growth was very good for the independent retailer and eventually the competition made Tom a job offer that he could not refuse and Tom took a job as an Industrial and Marine Sales Representative for the Sherwin William’s Company where Tom enjoyed additional training in protective coatings.tom

Tom first saw a cured polyurea spray elastomer sample while working for Sherwin Williams Company in the mid 1990’s. Polyurea chemistry boasted being solvent free, very fast curing and could be applied in successive coats to a very thick film on a vertical surface that would seemingly last forever. Polyurea had an unusually high durometer for being an elastomeric coating.

Polyurea was the latest in polymer chemistry and had a very long life expectancy reported that buried what other coating systems were achieving multiple times.

Tom first participated on a polyurea lining project in the late 1990’s and through a set of circumstances began his own business in January of 2000. Tom attended the Gusmer equipment training course that was offered by Specialty Products Incorporated in early 2000 and later in the year was introduced to some of the representatives of Versa Flex Inc.


In the summer of 2001 Tom was involved in putting together a polyurea seminar in Minneapolis, MN and formed new relationships with specialty equipment manufacturers in the developing polyurea industry. By one equipment manufacturer Tom was invited to see the commercial release for a new equipment dispensing technology and hence became one of the first in the world to advocate and develop new markets.

Tom participated in the overhaul of the original equipment design in 2005 and with the leading spray equipment manufacturer in the world developed a more reliable and higher functioning machine. During this time Tom was invited to a state correctional facility to make a proposal to resurface some leaking tile showers in 2004.

In 2005 Tom installed shower liners for a state university as a sole vendor and has since accomplished 17 shower projects for them that resurfaced 128 showers. At the university Tom had more access to his work for follow up and took advantage of more relaxed production schedules. Contact with the custodial staff provided Tom the feedback he needed to push for the advancement of the system.

Tom re-established his company in November 2009 with a polyurea shower lining focus and since Tom has been referred to as the global expert by a world leading equipment manufacturer’s technical manager and some of his work is currently being studied by a state research college for its hydrophobic properties.

Tom is married to his wife of 22 years and they together have four children of which three are gone and the youngest is a special blessing that is now just 5 years old. Tom lives in the small town of Bessemer, Michigan in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Tom enjoys the hearty winter with plenty of snow and beautiful summers being surrounded by lakes, rivers and a mature forest.

Tom is a dedicated servant to the protective coatings industry who understands the risk of performing this type of work. He is a master of his own craft.