Trained by us ...

In 2011 Tom trained his first production crew and faced the embarrassments of being ill prepared for the talented people and since that time ECC has invested many man hours in building the company’s operations manual and other many regulatory compliance systems and programs. Creating a business and technology from scratch has not been easy and that makes ECC all the more interested to realize the value of what they have been able to do.

With any start up business there are mistakes to avoid and that is why ECC knew that if they would ever train others in the craft it could be a real opportunity to share quality painter skills that are not so readily available to the average person.

The quality of people who have been successful at installing this system in single user showers is their size and agility. Tom himself is perhaps a good model who stands about 5’ 10” and weighs 173 pounds. At 51 years of age Tom is still in pretty good shape, well coordinated and is still lining showers.

Though Duck Dynasty is promoting that real men have facial hair, ECC knows the mark of a good painter has a clean shaven face and a care for organization. Wearing respirators is a regular part of our day as is taking care of our equipment. Maintaining a clean personal appearance is the first step in executing a proper project.

Finally, it won’t do you much good to be trained without equipment and attached to the ball of the company truck is about $50,000 with the main parts being the spray foamed insulated 7’ x 14’ v-nose trailer (10k), 2 spray pumps (20K), a pretty cool custom compressor (1.2K), the Hilti DG150 Grinder and Vacuum (3K), an Air Marshal Scrubber (1.6K), 2 Bullard air pumps with hoses (2.5K) and lots of miscellaneous.

ECC has an excel file of the trailer contents and surely not everything is used always but ECC is well equipped.