Costs of Showers

When it comes to painting showers:

We have helped customers end their annual painting cycle. Painting showers every year might not seem like a lot of cost but consider why the shower is being painted. We do not re grout, fix the caulk, seal grout and repaint just for the fun of it. Certainly when shower surfaces are maintained it is done to improve a condition related to health and repainting annually is not winning the battle.


We pursue showers where the volume of use is considerably high:

The facilities are shared by groups of people from varying cultures and genetics so we believe the costs of cross contamination are considerable but not well understood. We might consider what some diseases have done to indigenous populations in the past. Watching the spread of MRSA from jails into regional hospitals that serve that community and seasonal influenza cycling with the school year, the costs of poorly maintained surfaces is often too troubling for many to even consider. We will spare the details for now.


If showers leak:

They will damage building materials and create a real threat for mold. In the worst conditions the mold can become a real indoor air problem that can trigger severe allergic or in the least of conditions create an unfavorable odor that will leave a bad impression and negatively effect human productivity.


As a matter of fact mold is common in showers:

Typically it is located at the edge of failed caulk. The reasons for this occurrence are many but the bigger problem arises from the repetitive use of mold cleaners and other negative chemicals used in the process of cleaning showers. The ventilation is right overhead when cleaning the floor and nobody enjoys shower cleaning.


The problem that showers are often not in a state of good repair:

These chemicals are often not capable of doing a good job on contaminated surfaces and people physically struggle in maintaining showers until eventually they get to the end of their service life where there is a lot of tile and little grout. The act of cleaning a complex tile shower extremely limits a person’s ability to self-determine the real cleanliness of the structure and this state of constant comprehension in using any public shower is part of our culture so society recommends shoes (fomites).


People want to know what we charge:

The truth is the system is very competitive in the world of major shower upgrades and our work is substantial. For one customer we applied 8 gallons of base onto a 74 square foot area and then we put on our finishes. In rough terms the membrane would have an average thickness of 1/8” or 125 mils.


Shower finishes traditionally do not last the life of the building:

No one really knows what kind of evil stuff happens as a result but we think all people are ready for a change.