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While it may seem like a tile and grout shower installation is the decision to make, because most homes and public facilities have one, there are quite a few hidden costs you will incur over the lifetime of your shower. Understanding the long term costs of these systems and how to avoid them is worthy of your consideration.

Our high performance waterproof system improves the functionality of showers by creating a seamless covering applied directly to prepared tile, glazed block and painted cement. Our goal is to improve public single user showers so we strived to develop a process to install shower liners that will last longer and clean easier for a healthier performing indoor environment.


OneShower's spray process technology is a breakthrough for waterproofing small structures and is especially well suited to single user public showers that are in need of a repair. By creating a better standard for public showers we provide a greater return on investment for our customers.

Our installation process generates very little emissions and the quick curing chemistry we use facilitates project turn around. The OneShower liner will require less maintenance for many years to come.


Custodians love cleaning our showers as the burden takes considerably less time, there is no mold to clean, soap scum does not buildup on the walls and they enjoy the greater confidence of maintaining a two color seamless surface.


Administrators need to consider that in the face of a solution will they let the problem linger or will they choose to avoid:


  • Structural Damage
  • Infectious Disease
  • Chronic Health Problems