What is Polyurea? impad31413 307

Polyurea is said to be many things but in essence it is a multicomponent resin that when cured forms a tough elastomer very rapidly and without the use of solvent. There are many formulations that use various modifiers to create varying performance and application properties but mostly all cure into an elastomer with excellent compression strength and hydrolytic stability.

Polyurea came into the construction market in 1988 and has been extensively used in the automotive industry for the molding of parts for decades. In the construction market polyurea has had growth spurts and has been specified on some very large public works projects. This chemistry is equipment dependent and that brought forth a rapid evolution of equipment technologies at the turn of the century.

It was impossible to find a contractor with experience, so the new technology had issues. In today’s market experienced contractors are emerging and polyurea chemistry will continue to be specified for its unique properties in niche markets.