OneShower Polyurea Experience Story 


In all protective coatings work there is a risk to safety and polyurea is no exception. The majority of polyurea is sprayed by high pressure, high volume, heated equipment and that increases the risk factors for the project. OneShower use low pressure, ambient temperature, low volume pumps that reduces many of the risks associated with the potential of high pressure injection and aerosol contamination.

Polyurea is in a family of chemistry with a low odor threshold and that requires the use of air supplied respirators while spraying. The low pressure spray process minimizes the aerosol but for repetitive users protection is a must, and the law, to prevent the development of a chronic health condition.


Painters should also protect their skin and eyes constantly while applying, mixing or being in the area of open chemical containers. It just cannot be stressed enough that being focused on personal protection is the first assignment for the professional coatings installer.

Being the majority of polyurea is being sprayed with high pressure, high volume, heated equipment, the market does not clearly envision the ways this new spray technology can be used. So with low pressure equipment being more easily and inexpensively built many such spray units on the market have lacked long term performance and contractors can fail before they even get started.

The same can be said of high volume equipment in that it is a more complex precision tool that many early adopters found technical barriers that they could not overcome.
Tom Seabloom, the principal designer of OneShower, has been spraying the same polyurea formulation for the past 12 years consecutively, restored his first shower enclosures 9 years ago and has done over 300 single user shower restorations since.

Though polyurea seemed intuitive for showers from the beginning, we have found several ways to make the performance less than desirable until we learned to create textures and master the art of applying complimentary finishes.

For us polyurea is an important ingredient for a sorely needed public shower solution but the truth is polyurea has a lot of creative uses. Showers gave us the reason to push it!